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romanticshrug's Journal

your emotions were made for tv
4 April
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30 rock, ace of cakes, airports, alex p. keaton, alexis bledel, ann curry, anne bancroft, arrested development, ashley olsen, atonement, atwood/cooper, backstreet boys, beaches, beautiful boys, ben mckenzie, ben/felicity, ben/mischa, bend it like beckham, big love, black and white photographs, boy meets world, brian littrell's jaw, brigitte bardot, brink, brothers & sisters, californication, catherine keener, chandler bing, charles in charge, cheese, cheesecake, chinese food, chris/jal, coach/mrs. coach, community, cristina/owen, dan/serena, daniel radcliffe, dawson's creek, dead like me, derek/meredith, dick casablancas, ellen pompeo, emma watson, entourage, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fabulous hindu queen, family ties, fanfiction, felicity, friday night lights, funny comedians, gael garcia bernal, garrett hedlund, gilmore girls, gob bluth, gracie's choice, grey's anatomy, grounded for life, growing pains, guillaume canet, hal sparks, harry potter, harry/hermione, heathers, holding hands, holes commentary, how i met your mother, indian music, jamie-foxx-pissed-off-at-award-shows, jay/emma, joseph fiennes, josh turner, kate winslet, kate/leo, keri russell, keri/scott, kirk cameron, lasagna, lauren graham, leonardo dicaprio, loreali/chris, lucas/peyton, make up, maraschino cherrries, maria bello, marshall erikson, matt czuchry, matt damon, matt saracen, michael ian black, mischa barton, movies, music, my bed, my girl, naomi watts, nico/kirby, nip/tuck, nostalgic tv shows, old madonna songs, old movies, old music, orange juice with pulp, patrick dempsey, paul rudd, playing volleyball, pretty in pink, purses, revolutionary road, rob lowe, rory/logan, ryan/kelly, ryan/marissa porn, sandwiches, saved by the bell, say anything..., scott speedman, scrubs, sex and the city, shakespeare in love, shane west, shia labeouf, shoes, shopping, simon baker, sixteen candles, skins, skittles, sleeping, steve carell, swimming, tan lines, that 70's show, the departed, the namesake, the office (us), tobias fünke, tobias/lindsay, topher grace, ugly betty, undeclared, united states of tara, watching tv, watermelon, weeds, what's eating gilbert grape, whippersnappers, whitney houston songs